Valvola Criogenica

Integration Cooling of Matrices with Liquid Nitrogen

The management of the flow of liquid nitrogen according to profiles temperature and its set. A simple and intuitive system, easy to install and manage, for a first approach to die cooling with liquid nitrogen. Only the cryogenic proportional valve is involved, while no correction is applied to the plant


If the fixed tank is 8 metres away from the press, a subcooler must be installed on the press to maintain nitrogen in a liquid state; therefore, tubes and safety valves as suggested by the nitrogen supplier will be required. Liquid Cryogenic Nitrogen must be used (-196° C).

The proportional cryogenic valve can be purchased with a 2 to 10 Volt signal, or 4-20 mA to manage proportional opening. The proportional valve connection is 3/8 “(DN10 PN160).

In general, the average nitrogen consumption rate is 30 m3 per ton.

This depends on liquid nitrogen consumption and available space. Discuss with your gas supplier.

Pressure at proportional valve connection should be between 3 to 5 bars.

Usually tubes can be fitted in two different ways:

  • The subcooler is fitted onto the press. The proportional valve is connected to the subcooler with a rigid tube and to the inbound matrix bore (press) with a flexible tube. The matrix provider prepares them with grooves suitable for ensuring homogeneous matrix cooling and the inbound liquid nitrogen bore.
  • The tank is directly connected to the proportional valve (without subcooler) and the flexible tube of the proportional valve connects to the inbound matrix bore. This connection can be set-up by means of manual operator plug-in or automatic plug-in (set up by the client).